Hey, Mama.  I'm glad you're here.

Becoming a mama, whether through natural conception, IVF, adoption, IUI or surrogacy is a HUGE deal and a HUGE life transition. Some of the many possible reasons you’ve found yourself here: you are thinking about beginning a path toward pregnancy, are experiencing setbacks in becoming pregnant, experiencing fear or worry while pregnant, needing additional support after bringing baby home, adjusting to life after returning to work, needing to process your birth story or you are needing an extra boost in self-esteem.

We can talk about all of those hormonal changes.  We can talk about all of the unexpected pieces of your birthing experience. We can talk about navigating all of the changes in your relationships. We can talk about how shocked you are by your own body, or if you are experiencing mood changes, anxiety or depression…..going back to work, heartbroken during fertility treatments, seeming like everyone around you is pregnant- the list goes on and on, and we talk about all of it. You are allowed to be both a work in progress and a kickass mama-mamatobe-thinkingaboutbecomingamama all at once.

Hi!  I'm Erin.

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I have been practicing therapy in Colorado since finishing my master's degree in Community Counseling here in Denver in 2011.  I realized early on in my own fertility journey that I have a particular interest in this unpredictable and exciting  world of making babies. 

Above all else, my goal is to help you feel supported and well on your journey in or towards mamahood. I will always strive to help you feel balanced and encouraged. Each of our experiences is different, and finding the right person to talk to will be the difference between feeling unsure or empowered.  

I am honored you are here and I look forward to the opportunity to meet you.