getting pregnant is

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When I began to think about what I wanted for this blog, I typed into google "getting pregnant is..." and above is the screenshot.  I'm no expert, I only know my own experience and that each of us has a different and equally important story to tell.  Like the suggested responses in the search show, for some getting pregnant is hard, for some it's easy, for some it's hard work, for some it's so difficult and for others, getting pregnant is not considered an accomplishment.  Point being, getting pregnant is as different of an experience for each of us as each of us are different.  Getting pregnant can mean IUI, IVF, surrogacy, natural conception, years of trying, a month of trying, heartache and triumph.  There is no normal.  

Ways of becoming a parent are just as vast: adoption, fostering, surrogacy, sperm donor, egg donor, natural conception, couples and individuals of all races, gender identifications, ages and religions.  

All of this has led me to believe that the best use of this blog is to create a space for women to share their experiences becoming parents, becoming pregnant, being pregnant, birthing babies, adopting babies, the good the bad and the ugly.  The first story will be written by my own mom and every week or so I hope to highlight another woman's story so we can all embrace our differences as equalizing and normalizing, but most importantly, a way to celebrate women and our wellness as mamas.