My Mom's Story

My sister and I grew up hearing about pregnancy and childbirth as a natural and magical process.  My mom empowered us by planting seeds that we are capable (emotionally, physically, spiritually) of tackling anything we put our will towards.  Below is a picture of my Mom and my Sister in the early 1980's, followed by a post that she wrote.  I hope you enjoy.  xoxo Erin

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Erin Molly Levin Schlozman’s Birth 1/27/84

Erin was my second child and second delivery.  I was 29.5 years old and had a 2.5 year old daughter that was waiting for the new baby to come home.  My first delivery took 25 hours, so I assumed that Erin’s delivery would be a repeat… boy was I wrong. Back in the early ‘80s I was not going about my birthing experience the way most women were at that time.  I had a midwife deliver my 1st child without any drugs or an epidural, just some Pitocin the last few hours to speed up the dilation. I also did not find out ahead of either delivery what the sex of the babies were. I wanted to deliver as natural as possible and it was the right choice for me.  Since I had a positive experience even though it took 25 hours, I wanted to do it the same way with Erin.

Most important learning experience for me from the second go around is that every pregnancy and delivery is unique.  No such thing as a repeat! With Erin I carried differently, she was much more active and everybody thought I was having a boy.  In my heart I always knew I was having another girl despite the differences. Erin came a week earlier than her due date, which I was very happy about.  Her delivery from the onset of the first contraction to coming into the world took four hours. Even though it was a much quicker delivery, it was actually harder for me because the contractions were stronger and much closer together.  I just felt like I didn’t have enough time to muster up the strength in between contractions to give a good push. Thank G-d she came out healthy which was all I cared about. From the moment that I felt her inside of me she was always moving, she came out quick, she was a very busy baby and very verbal.

I am so blessed to have such wonderful daughters.  I was given the best gift ever to be with them when they delivered their babies.  Women warriors, that’s who they are!! I love them dearly!